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 WELCOME TO CarservicePattaya.Com

We are a provider for your travel in Thailand for all destinations we will services you many types of the cars to support yours travel, we consider for safety of our passengers during using our services. If you planned travel by cars in Thailand, we have drivers much more experience for services you during you are travelling.

We are providing 24-hours services​ with​ air - conditioned and​ insurance. We provide services within Pattaya, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, U Tapao Airport, Koh Chang and Hua Hin among other popular Thai destinations. Our professional taxi drivers offer stellar customer service and are experienced.

 Camry (1-3 persons)

* Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya 1,000 ฿ 
* Don Muang Airport - Pattaya 1,400 ฿
* Bangkok
 - Pattaya 1,300 ฿
* Bangkok - Huahin  1,800 ฿
* Bangkok - Koh Samet (Rayong) 1,800 ฿
* Bangkok - Koh Chang (Ferry Pier) 3,300 ฿
                                       (On the Island) 3,700฿
* Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (Town) 2,000 ฿

 Fortuner (4-5 persons)

* Suvanabhumi​ Airport​ - P​attaya​ 1,400  ฿ 
* Donmuang​ Airport
 -​ Pattaya 1,700  ฿  
* Bangkok  - Pattaya  1,600  ฿ 
* Bangkok  - Huahin  2,300  ฿ 
* Bangkok  - Koh​ Samet (Rayong)  2,300  ฿
* Bangkok - Koh​ Chang (Ferry Pier)  3,500  ฿
                                       (On the​ island) 4,000  ฿
*  Bangkok - Kanchanaburi ( Town)​  2,400  ฿

 Innova (3-4 persons)

* Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya 1,200 ฿ 
* Don Mueang Airport - Pattaya 1,500 ฿
* Bangkok - Pattaya 1,400 ฿
* Bangkok - Huahin 2,000 ฿
* Bangkok - Koh Samet (Rayong) 2,000 ฿
* Bangkok - Koh Chang (Ferry Pier) 3,400 ฿
                                     (On the Island)  3,800 ฿
* Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (Town) 2,200 ฿

 Minibus (5-10 persons)

* Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya 1,800 ฿ 
* Don Muang Airport - Pattaya 2,200 ฿ 
* Bangkok
 - Pattaya 2,000 ฿ 
* Bangkok - Huahin 2,800 ฿ 
* Bangkok - Koh Samet (Rayong) 2,600 ฿
* Bangkok - Koh Chang (Ferry Pier) 4,300฿
                                       (On the Island) 4,800 ฿
* Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (Town) 2,800฿

    As the taxi service is going high on demand, travelers coming to Bangkok are also looking forward to make the best use of this service. This is a big reason why Bangkok to Pattaya taxi service is also in demand now. As the leading taxi service operating at this part of the world, we offer a great importance to the safety and comfort of the passengers. We have a wide range of vehicles that can be hired as the taxis. This helps the customers to pick the right kind of vehicle on the basis of the number of passengers who will be traveling together. With the Huahin taxi, you are also going to get a highly professional and experienced driver who knows about the routes, traffic and parking areas properly. So, when you hire such a taxi Pattaya, you are not needed to do any kind of brainstorming to know more about these aspects. Such a driver also serves you as a driver guide. These drivers have gone though thorough background checks to ensure maximum safety for our customers.  

       Now you can avail Bangkok airport taxi to Pattaya no matter what time of the day it is. You can book a taxi just any time of the day you want, as we operate 24/7. These taxi cabs are equipped with the latest features like air-condition, heating equipments and the needed safety features. The Bangkok to Pattaya taxi you are looking forward to book also comes with proper insurance. We offer taxi services to Huahin, Koh Chang, U-Tapao airport, Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi airport and Pattaya. There are other Thai destinations for which you can also travel while booking a taxi with us.  

       We offer other services like making a visa for our customers on the arrival. Just name the flight and the arrival time along with the name and number of passengers while booking a taxi and we will do the rest. At the Suvarnabhumi airport we will wait for you at the second fi Gate no.4 only. At the Donmuang airport we will wait for the customers at the first fi gate no.3. As the leading Pattaya taxi service, we strive hard to bring fast, professional and affordable taxi services for our customers. The Huahin taxi service we offer can make a big difference for our tour to Thailand. It’s our taxi Pattaya service that can make your traveling at this part of the world more comfortable and safe. Whether you want to travel in group or you are alone, there is always a taxi cab for you to choose as per your traveling needs and preferences. 

 Booking Online

Mr. Pong: +66816575006
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Please remind us If you have to make visa on arrival, Flight and time to arrive, Name of the passenger. 

Notice. We will wait you at Suvarvnabhumi Airport at 2nd fl Gate 4 only

                                           Donmuang Airport at 1st fl Gate 3 only


Our Promise to Customer 

This is our promise to all our customers. We always strive to deliver fast and reliable taxi service because we value our customers.

Your safety is also one of our priorities. As such, all our professional taxi drivers are scrutinized and thoroughly tested to ensure they have the highest level of skills. Besides,  all our vehicles are luxurious and checked on a daily basis for faults. They are well branded with most having our logo to give youconfidence that you are in safe hands

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